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Welcome!    New Horizons

The leader in Diamond DA42 based special operations!

DEA operates more DA42 aircraft in more countries and with a greater variety of special operations than any other the world!



DEA is recruiting in 2014!  Possible AOC commanders please contact DEA!

(Autumn tranche now open, please email



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Speak to a human being? Call us! DEA UK Office: +44 1777 838731 




 Out of hours: +44 7827 491350                 Email:





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Recent news

DEA granted RNAV and P-RNAV approvals

May 2014: DEA has been granted by the UK CAA on behalf of EASA operating permission to conduct GNSS based approach operations and perform en-route and terminal operations in accordance with RNAV 1 and P-RNAV operations for all its fleet of Diamond DA42 aircraft.

LNAV, LNAV-VNAV and LPV operations are supported subject to the relevant equipment approved on the DEA DA42 aircraft

DEA granted EASA EFB approval

April 2014: DEA has been granted operating approval by the UK CAA on behalf of EASA for use of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) based on the Apple iPad format.

This allows DEA flight crews to operate a completely paperless 'office' reducing weight carried whilst improving accessablity. All of DEA's manuals, charts and other materials can now be paperless!

DEA awarded Frontex contract

March 2014: DEA was awarded a contract by Frontex, the EU agency charged with co-ordinating and assisting member states in maintaining the integrity of their borders.

The project calls for a sophisticated aerial surveillance program to be conducted using a high performance EO/IR camera together with high bandwith real time video transmission to a a remote command vehicle and onward transmisison to users accessing this information by a secure Internet link

Diamond-Executive Aviation Ltd (DEA) completes major traffic collision program!

Enhanced safety through TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) functionality fitted to all DEA aircraft.
G-DSKY joins the rest of DEA's fleet with TCAS functionality. On the 7th of June, 2013, RGV Aviation, a leading UK avionics supplier completed the fitment of the final Avidyne TAS615 traffic collision avoidance system to G-DSKY, a Diamond DA42.

3SDL wins Aerial ISTAR support contract for UK MoD using DEA DA42 MPP platforms

3SDL is pleased to announce award of a contract from the Army HQ within UK MoD to provide them with delivery of FMV data from an airborne platform to support Exercise Joint Warrior.

The UK-led Exercise Joint Warrior, taking place 15th-29th April, will involve nearly 13,000 military personnel from nine countries. 3SDL has provided Aerial ISTAR support to UK MoD since 2011, including support to Exercise Joint Warrior in 2012.

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