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Flight Inspection and Flight Path Validation

First operator in the world to be approved to use the DA42 for flight inspection services and approved by Jeppesen for flight path validation.

DEA, the UK’s only EU-OPS approved operator of the DA42 Twin Star has received UK CAA AOC approval to support flight inspection services using the Diamond DA42 Twin Star across the whole world save the Pacific ocean area!

Three DA42’s have been converted to support flight inspection using Airfield Technology Inc’s AT940 Automatic Flight Inspection Systems.

DEA will operate the aircraft on behalf of a well established flight inspection services company

Certification to CAT III is a standard capability of the AT940 system.

These aircraft follow the trend that the DEA’s DA42 has already achieved in passenger operations of high performance, excellent dispatch reliability and significantly lower direct operating costs when compared to either piston aircraft burning avgas or turbine class aircraft.

The carbon footprint is 3-5 times smaller than avgas piston aircraft or turbine powered aircraft.

The DA42’s economical use of jet fuel (around 11 US Gallons per hour), allied to its range (all DEA DA42s have long range fuel tanks) means that the DA42 can be operated from most major airports (where avgas availability is an increasing problem) and offers cost effective long range positioning, enhancing the competiveness of the DA42 based solution when compared to turbine powered alternatives.

As part of the comprehensive upgrade program the aircraft have been re-engined and fitted with TCAS. To assist visual acquisition the normally white aircraft have had yellow wing tips and tail tips fitted. The Garmin G1000 systems have been revised to the latest versions offering three dimensional flight navigation capabilities as well as extended support for a wide variety of instrument approach procedures, holding patterns and arrival and departure procedures.

The aircraft carry several additional aerials and upgraded power supplies to support the AT940, yet are capable of being returned to normal passenger operations within 15 minutes.

Projects have now been conducted across most of Europe/Africa/Middle East and Asia.

Recent news

DEA adds eleventh DA42, G-DEAI to the fleet

July 2014: DEA's eleventh DA42, G-DEAI was added to the fleet during June 2014. G-DEAI, a DA42 will be based in Rome at Urbe Airport (LIRU).

G-DEAI joins G-PAPE based in Padua to support DEA's European Operations with a Part 145 support base at Treviso airport. G-DEAI will be operated under DEA's EU-OPS AOC, primarily focussed on air-taxi operations.

DEA exhibits at Farnborough International Air Show

July 2014: DEA will be co- exhibiting this year with Diamond Aircraft Industries on stand OE18 near the flight line.

In addition DEA will be supporting the SASISA project (Small Aircraft Service for Instant Situational Awareness) on the European Space Agency stand, demonstrating a DEA DA42 MPP fitted with the SASISA configuration which will reside on the Diamond stand and also with Thales with the iMaster Radar fitted to a Diamond Aircraft DA42 MPP on the Thales stand OES1.

DEA completes Frontex pilot project

July 2014: DEA successfully completes its contract with Frontex the EU border agency with its last operational flight on July 1st 2014.

DEA flew over a 40 day period, G-DSPY, one of its fleet of 6 Diamond Aircraft DA42 MPP using a Wescam MX15 HDi camera, interfacing to Carte Nav's AIMS mission control software and onward transmitting data and video via ECS's Evenlode system.


DEA granted RNAV and P-RNAV approvals

May 2014: DEA has been granted by the UK CAA on behalf of EASA operating permission to conduct GNSS based approach operations and perform en-route and terminal operations in accordance with RNAV 1 and P-RNAV operations for all its fleet of Diamond DA42 aircraft.

LNAV, LNAV-VNAV and LPV operations are supported subject to the relevant equipment approved on the DEA DA42 aircraft

DEA granted EASA EFB approval

April 2014: DEA has been granted operating approval by the UK CAA on behalf of EASA for use of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) based on the Apple iPad format.

This allows DEA flight crews to operate a completely paperless 'office' reducing weight carried whilst improving accessablity. All of DEA's manuals, charts and other materials can now be paperless!

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